The Bonefrog Foundation was started after witnessing the toll that PTSD as a result of TBI was having on veterans we know as friends family, and business partners. After seeing the positive impact and improvement of neuro activity from a short-term psilocybin microdose, our team was immediately eager to make this healing process available to other veterans.

The goal of Bonefrog is to continue research on psychedelics to treat TBI and to promote the natural medicine within the political ranks working towards universal legalization. This top-notch team of veterans and business professionals are looking to work with the VA who recently has approved the use of psychedelics in their therapy.  


Kevin Quirk is a highly qualified public company executive and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years general management, brand management, financial management and raising capital in the consumer products (F&B) and home healthcare industries. Kevin is a results-focused and effectual leader with proven ability to lead and turn around companies. Kevin has led multiple companies through successful exits resulting in high returns for all investors.

Ben Johnson is a retired Navy SEAL operator with a decade of active duty service comprised of multiple deployments (56 countries) and an extensive record of real-world application of unique and impactful skills. Upon retiring from active duty, Ben immediately became completely enveloped in the “non-standard regenerative healing practices” field building on his medical training and his continued passion for living in service to others. Ben conducts research and gathers data while simultaneously navigating the nuanced legal atmosphere surrounding government-sanctioned frontier biopharmaceutical studies as the founder of Bonefrog Labs.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a Chemistry and Biochemistry expert as demonstrated by his work as a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology for these subjects. Dr. Hughes is a business and technical specialist with broad experience translating complex chemical and biological technologies into Industrial, Consumer and Military commercial products, and builds businesses around these products and technologies.

Jordan Manickam is an operational leader with 10 years’ experience interfacing with multiple organizations, both domestically and internationally, as a military veteran SEAL of the United States Navy. He is a strategic leader and planner effective at solving problems utilizing a creative and adaptable mindset. Mastered the management skills necessary to oversee two independent departments simultaneously. 

Jon Cederquist works with EarthRise, a budding nonprofit that offers psychedelic-fueled innovation retreats to propel forward the work of mission-driven leaders. He is the Strategic Accounts Director at San Diego, CA based Clearspeed, a voice analytics technology designed to assess human risk, identify fraud and insider threat.  He is focused on serving military, intelligence, and commercial organizations globally.  Jon is a retired Navy SEAL with 24 years of service.



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EntheoTech is a third-party, certified DEA research facility that focuses on the growth, harvest, and efficacy of various types of cannabinoids and mushrooms.